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“Matzo ball parties are Jewish camps all grown up… LetMyPeopleGo.com has been the grandest one of all, packing 'em in ... including Jewish jet-setters from London, Toronto, and Sydney."— The Village Voice

“The mother of all Jewish Singles parties and the largest Jewish singles event in the nation.” — TimeOut New York Magazine

"Contrary to what JDate might have you believe, the hottest event in town isn't the Matzo Ball. For the past 11 years, LetMyPeopleGo has been hosting parties at various venues for Jewish singles all over the U.S, including NYC, where 4,000 singles are anticipated to attend this year's event. -Jewcy.com

Since 1995, LetMyPeopleGo.com has sponsored the Nation's Biggest Jewish Singles Events. Our "Ball" on Christmas Eve in NYC has been the biggest Jewish Singles event in the country for the past 20 years! More than 3,000 attend annually and we also sponsor LA's premier Jewish Singles event on the same night! We are now sponsoring events in many cities.

To get invited to our next event, please visit www.LetMyPeopleGo.com.